About Us

Want Better Uniforms for Your Kids?


UNTOLD HORIZONS is bringing a modern approach to sustainable schoolwear!

We are a brand built by moms with decades of fashion experience. We believe school uniforms should be as distinctive as our kids. Their everyday clothing should work harder-in quality and versatility. After all, school clothes shouldn’t be just for school. Our easy wear, easy care, reversible styles offer 2 in 1. Kids get the flexibility to be themselves with school wear styles that reverse to street wear fun colors.

We are reinventing the way you think about for school uniforms through

*EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY AND EFFORTLESS CARE:  Our sweaters feel like cashmere but wash like cotton.

*CUSTOM ONLINE STORE AND BRAND BUILDING: We collaborate with each individual school to create a custom brand through unique product. Connecting with families through your school’s story is a critical part of building your identity. From initial collection inception to the final launch, our hands-on approach guarantees a seamless process for each of our unique partner schools.

*STUDENT COLLABORATION: Once a school is on-boarded, UNTOLD HORIZONS provides students with an opportunity to learn what goes into the design process from product inception to final production. Utilizing our “Think Tank” experience, students collaborate with our creative team to design, source, and cost a garment for their school.

*SEAMLESS PRODUCTION: Our fully owned factory is located in Changping, China and has a capacity in excess of 2.5 million units per year. Through long standing relationships with our raw materials suppliers, we source only the finest materials and specialize in design-led production for uniforms built to last.

An integral collaboration between UNTOLD HORIZONS and your school is key. Let’s co-create your unique school brand today for tomorrow’s future.