Our Story is Your Story

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide exceptional quality school uniforms, university spirit wear, and custom corporate apparel while maintaining a sustainable infrastructure from initial design to final delivery of product. The goal of our sourcing strategies is to maximize your purchasing power. We believe all uniforms should enhance the image of the brands we partner with and provide style without sacrificing comfort or the environment.


Why Be Uniform

When You Can Be UNTOLD

COMPANY BACKGROUND: UNTOLD HORIZONS launched in 2018 to fill a void in the market for modern and sustainable uniforms. We are a brand built and backed by decades of fashion experience in the worldwide private label retail sector. Our team with extensive sourcing, design, and manufacturing background, supports your uniform journey from product inception to final delivery.


Your unique story is UNTOLD.

We want to journey with you as you reach for your future HORIZONS. 

CORE VALUES: Uniforms should be as distinctive as you. Our everyday clothing should work harder in quality and versatility. Our commitment to sustainable and ethically produced clothing is reflected in our core values. We give back to the communities where we operate, improving the lives of individuals and the environment in which we work.

Sustainability Initiatives

We are only as successful as the impact we have on the world. We are investing to improve the lives of everyone that we engage with and the surrounding communities.


Social Responsibility Initiatives


CHINA SPONSORSHIP: In support of that belief we partner with organizations in China that help vulnerable youth, aging and disabled adults, from Hunan and Henan provinces. In addition to financial support our employees volunteer in person at yearly celebrations bringing both social and environmental awareness, encouragement and joy to the residents. For the children we provide education on environmental awareness including garbage classification, recycling, reuse, and no waste initiatives.

INDIA SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE: ISC was founded in 1982 by our director with the sole purpose to improve the lives of children in India. Lonavala campus houses Balgram Orphanage and Bharti Balgram School. Untold Horizons, the largest supporter of Balgram, funds academic programs, housing, medical facilities, cultural celebrations, teachers, staff, and medical personnel. In addition to monetary support we are actively involved in the lives of the children at Balgram. We visit yearly to teach and connect with the students as well as participate in monthly virtual events to maintain close relationships even when on different c